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Latest Article From Oceanside Vet:

Use Vectra and Capstar to get rid of those fleas!! Heartworm prevention is in!

06.04.14 | Veterinary News and Tips

Are you finding adult fleas on your cat or dog??  Want to get rid of them IMMEDIATELY??  Capstar is a safe pill that will kill adult fleas within 1/2 hour of contact.  Capstar does only last 24 hours so you should make sure your pet hangs out in different parts of his/her home environment to kill adult fleas that may be hiding throughout your home.

We literally have had no known medication reactions since we have been dispensing this product.

Due to the 2 week life cycle of the flea, we have been recommending a dosage of Capstar to each pet in the home on Day 1, Day 2, Day 7 and Day 14.  This has worked to help wipe out the major adult flea population in your home.


Beware!!! The fleas have become more stubborn!!!  But Vectra is more stubborn!! Yeah!!

Vectra is a new topical agent that we now carry.  The response has been incredible!  One sweep of the medication applied monthly has seem to have done the trick.  Animals with long term flea problems are no longer bothered.

Vectra is over the counter, which means no exam is required to purchase it.  We have individual dosages of all sizes in stock.

For dogs greater than 55#, we sometimes carry VECTRA 3D which also helps protect against ticks and mosquitoes. Call in advance to check availability of this product.

Sentinel Heartworm Prevention and Flea control agent is back!!!

Heartworm positive counts in San Diego are rising!!!

Do you live near Guajome Lake? Do you travel a lot with your dog? Do you love camping? Is your dog primarily outdoors?

All reasons to worry about your dog getting heartworm disease!!

Heartworm disease is caused by a worm that sits in the large blood vessel from the heart to the lungs.  If enough adult worms accumulate, they can cause an obstruction of blood flow through that vessel.  SCARY!! and potentially FATAL!

The unfortunate thing is that even if the disease is detected early, the current ideal course of treatment can be dangerous also!!  When adult worms die, they can shower into the circulation and cause blockage of smaller vessels.

The worm is introduced to your pet through a bite by a mosquito carrying the immature stages of the worm. The larvae enters the bloodstream and turns into an adult in the dog and cat. The adult then travels and situates itself in the pulmonary artery.

The best thing to do is to prevent!! SENTINEL IS BACK!!

Since Sentinel is a prescription,  a current annual exam and heartworm test (a simple blood test) is required in order for us to dispense the prevention.

Please call us at 760-945-0606 to make an appointment.