Exciting News!! Dr. Morris chosen BEST VET of SAN DIEGO

Dr. Morris received the exciting news that she was selected as one of San Diego’s BEST VET’s. Based on extensive research online, peer interviews, and public review, “BEST VET of San Diego” chose Dr. Cecilia Morris as one of their winners.  An award has been presented, and she was listed on Animal Planet in 2012. Did you know?? A veterinarian is now available for you and your pet’s needs 6 days a week. We are also equipped to receive most emergency situations.  Call us at 760-945-0606 to make an appointment or to alert us that you are on your way! The doctor is oftentimes available to go on house calls, especially for euthanasias at home.  We want your pet to be as comfortable as possible during his/her last moment. DID YOU KNOW? We offer senior discounts, military discounts, multi-pet(4 or more), facebook “LIKE” discounts. We thank you very much for referring your friends and family members.  Those who refer receive a gift credit towards the care of their own furry friend!! 5 is the magic number!!!  Does your dog need nail trims all the time?  Does he need his anal glands expressed?  Do you have to go away a lot? Well, the magic number is 5! Your dog or cat’s 5th nail trim is free! Your dog or cat’s 5th anal gland expression is free! Here is a popular one —-  The fifth day of consecutive boarding is free! (Certain time, medical, and behavioral limitations may apply.)

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